We have selected a number of examples for you from many satisfied customers and beautiful projects all over the world

Jan Albert's Boscarrelli is equipped with all cooking conveniences. He disposes, among other things. with a retractable workbench, a refrigerator for the fresh pizza dough, a built-in sink, pizza oven and folding wing doors with lighting for the late hours

Tutta Italia

The Boscarrelli from Varsity headwear is used in Norway for the sale and promotion of the Varstiy brand. Initially conceived by a Finnish advertising agency and then further developed into a real eye-catcher in collaboration with Boscarrelli

Varsity headwear

Ruud's coffee bar; a Boscarrelli 50 Barista Fly with ao. a cooling drawer for milk, 2 cup dispensers, a whisk drawer and a cash drawer. The coffee machine and other equipment works both as electricity and gas, so that Ruud can continue to work without electricity with a battery

Ruud´s Koffiebar

Saint Pablo´s from Hamburg, The Biggest Little Taco Truck, has already delighted many people with its freshly prepared tacos. This beautiful Ape Classic has a large grill built in which works on gas. Furthermore, an extra extendable worktop has been added and an extendable table for the customers on the other side of the Piaggio

Saint Pablo´s

A good example of advertising the Piaggio is this Ape50 from Weide Weelde. Proud farmers in the Northern Netherlands supply the milk for Weide Weelde. By combining outdoor grazing with nature management, they create a beautiful Dutch landscape. This beautiful brand is promoted by using the Weide Weelde Boscarrelli

Weide Weelde

Naro, the singing pizza baker, has been attracting many visitors to his Ape Classic for a number of years now, which has been converted into a pizzeria on wheels. With a pizza oven on gas and a refrigerator and lighting that works on a battery, Naro can play his music live at any location and bake the most delicious pizzas

Naro´s Singing Pizza

The owners of Heavenly Hot Coffee have both been independent entrepreneurs for about twenty years. Crazy about coffee & tea and everything related to it, in love with their special espresso bar on wheels and each other. This Boscarrelli 400 Barista fly, built with different materials and fun accents and decoration, is certainly one to be proud of!

Heavenly Hot Coffee

The Boscarrelli beer from the Aussi Bros is a real eye-catcher with its robust appearance and is used for various purposes; advertising, photo shoots, festivals, private parties, etc. A beer tap installation is built into the Ape Classic on which three different types of beer can be tapped. In the fridge next to it there is still enough space for various bottles

Piaggio Bar

In Helsinki (Finland) you will find our Boscarrelli 50 Fly Barista. The two group coffee machine works on gas and the cooling drawer and lighting on a battery, so that the Piaggio can be used completely without electricity. Added options include a cooling drawer, cup dispensers, white straps, a roof rack on both cab and superstructure, painted front and rims

Pinpops Oy

The ladies of the Tuktuk factory have several Boscarrelli´s in their "Piaggio" fleet. One of them is the Piaggio Ape50 flammkuchen. Equipped with an oven with 4 baking chambers, the flammkuchen are on the table within a few minutes


Near Zurich in Switzerland, the Boscarrelli 50 Fly Ice is used for various purposes. With a freezer, operating on a battery, for 12 containers of ice of 5 liters, they always have enough ice with them and they can stand at any location because this version is completely self-sufficient


This nice Ape50 Van with built-in shutters in both sides can be found at hotel Kontiki Beach on Curaçao. Put out a fire quickly, the Van fire brigade is already on its way

Kontiki Beach resort

Tailor-made, inspiring activations is the motto of the Brandactivators company. It is only logical that they chose a Boscarrelli to promote a brand of a Belgian supermarket. The special thing about this Boscarrelli is that the tailgate can be detached so that the back can also be used as a workspace.


Surinamese 'worstenboer' Apoera is a legend on The Hague Market. Together with Boscarrelli, he has put together his ideal food truck for the sale of sausages in the colors of the Surinamese flag. Three gas pans ensure that the 'worstenboer' can work without electricity


This extensive Pizza version was designed together with an English advertising agency and is used at various locations in England. The extended body has a length of 2 meters, so that 2 extendable drawers could be realized

Pizza Romana